- = Technomender = -

I am Adam Stambaugh

- I am not a website designer. I mean, look at this basic site! However, I more than make up for it in other areas.
- Former network and system administrator for a small business for 5 years.
- A graduate with an Associate Degree in Applied Science: Computer Information Systems from Spoon River College
- Certified in Computer Information Technology.
- Certified in Enterprise Computer Network Specialist.
- Certified in Enterprise Cyber Security.
- A life-long tinkerer and nerd.
- A GNU/Linux exclusive user, developer, and gamer for 10+ years.

Previous Works

- I've done various projects, for myself and others. Some specialized, some broad; some very technical, some routine.
- I've built and setup HTPCs, desktops, servers, networks, and handhelds.
- I've worked on laptops, desktops, and other traditional systems along with specialized ones.
- I've set up firewall and DNS appliances. I've worked with various x86 (including x86_64), ARM, and RISC architectures.
- Just for my own setup at home, I have a headless server running Debian that desktops and HTPCs depend on. The user profiles and media are stored on the server, shared to the desktops and HTPCs via NFS. We even have our laptops setup to automatically sync with the user profiles. If there's something you need help setting up or repairing, no matter how niche or obscure, I can help!